The Great Outdoors

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With the weather (finally) breaking here in the Midwest, there is so much more buzz outside… which includes wedding ceremonies and receptions! Outdoor weddings in the summer are hands-down some of the best. It’s hard to beat the warm rays, nice breeze, refreshing cocktails, and romantic sunset backdrops.

However, if you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding of your own, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you go walking down that aisle to start your forever. Keep reading for 9 key things to consider when celebrating outside:

  1. HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN! Obviously you don’t necessarily want an indoor wedding (or else you wouldn’t have planned an outdoor one), but Mother Nature calls the shots around here. It’s best to come up with a backup plan, just in case. Having a solution for inclement weather will save you a lot of wedding day stress.

  2. AVOID STARTING THE CEREMONY TOO EARLY! This can be tough due to the excitement of kissing your now-husband, but you’ll thank us later for this one. Avoid having your ceremony during the hottest part of the day so that you and your guests don’t melt.

  3. ONE WORD: SUNSCREEN! Even if you do take our advice and push your festivities back a couple hours towards dusk, sunscreen is still a must! Make sure to stash some mini bottles of sunscreen in the bag that your future-mother-in-law is responsible for so that it is on site for you, and/or your guests, to use. They could even be your wedding favors!

  4. COVER THE CHAIRS! Have you ever sat in a chair without a cushion that’s been sitting out in the sun for hours? Okay then, you know it’s not a very pleasant feeling. Save your guests from potentially burning the back of their legs on hot chairs by putting simple chair covers on them. You’ll be doing your guests a huge favor providing chair covers, cushions or basically anything else that will prevent the scorching hot chair from coming into contact with their skin.

  5. WHO WORE IT BEST? Both you and your maids are going to sweat like crazy at your summer wedding, assuming Mother Nature is in a good mood that day. It’s inevitable. You will be miserable if you choose dresses for yourself and your bridal party that are made of thick, heavier fabric. It’s summer, so opt for lightweight fabrics and shorter styles. No one, including yourself, wants to look (or feel) like a hot mess the entire day.

  6. PICK APPROPRIATE SUMMER WEDDING FOOD! Be very wary of the foods choices you provide your guests with at your summer wedding. Many dishes will either melt or spoil in hot warm temperatures. It’s best to avoid items like cheese, dairy, spreads, and anything else that must be served cold; unless of course, you can leave it inside. If possible, consider having the dinner take place in an indoor setting, or at least have the food set up inside somewhere!

  7. DON’T SET THE CAKE UP FOR FAILURE! Fondant has a time and a place, and it’s certainly at summer weddings. If you’re planning on having your wedding on a hot summer day, we highly advise against getting your wedding cake made with regular icing. Your beautiful dream cake won’t look too dreamy as it melts all over the table. Fondant will hold up in the heat, unlike other creamier frostings, saving yourself a gigantic, sticky mess.

  8. HYDRATION STATION! Weddings are a wonderful place for cocktails, sure! But when out in the hot sun all day with nothing flowing through the veins but alcohol, it is the recipe for disaster (…okay fine, that’s a little extreme. We meant dehydration). Have easy accessibility to ice water, or place watermelon wedges around the bar area for guests to grab, as they please. You don’t want anyone passing out from the heat or dehydration.

  9. SHOO, FLY! If you’re getting married outdoors in the heat of summer, bug spray is a definite must. NOTHING is worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, and honestly, I would leave a reception early solely for that reason! The last thing you want is for people to bail out on your special day early because they’re having a horribly, itchy time. Place a few bottles of bug spray in the bathrooms and around common areas at your wedding venue. If you don’t want the unpleasant smell of bug spray in the air, try lighting bug-repelling candles on the tables!

Keep the outdoors great for your wedding with these hacks! After all, it is your big day and it should be PERFECT!

See you next time on Thoughts & Musings!

Don't Be That Guy (or Girl)

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If you’re from the Midwest like we are, you know just how long Winter seemed to stick around, so now that the sun is shining more often than it isn’t, the birds are singing their tunes, and the days are getting longer (and warmer), we could not be more excited! All things Spring symbolize one major thing to us… THE START OF WEDDING SEASON!!

With the upcoming wedding season, we thought it would be appropriate to post a blog not about the Bride, or the Groom, or planning a wedding even, but about how to follow the proper etiquette as a wedding GUEST. It is an honor to be invited to be apart of arguably the most special day of someone’s life, and it’s only right to treat it as such.

If you have never been to a wedding before, or you need a refresher for the ones you have coming up this season, we put together a list of DO’s and DON’Ts when you are attending a wedding! Check them out below:

  • DO RSVP on time! Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding, and it’s pretty standard that the Bride and Groom as that you RSVP 4 weeks before the wedding date. Why are timely RSVPs such a big deal? Vendors require a final head count a few weeks ahead of time to make sure there's enough seating and food available.

    • DON’T wait to RSVP or sneak in your response past the deadline,. If you do so, you are adding unnecessary stress to the Bride, the wedding planners, and the vendor by making several people scramble last-minute to accommodate you.

    • DON’T assume that you can bring a “plus one”. I’m sure you know that every penny counts when it comes to weddings, and trust us when we say that every couple goes through a painstaking process of deciding how many people they can (afford to) have at their wedding. If the invitation you receive does not say, "Ms. Jane Doe and Guest”, then it is intended that you are the only one invited to this celebration.

    • DON’T assume that kids are welcome. Since we are discussing proper etiquette here, let me give you a little insight: it is considered BAD etiquette for a Bride and Groom to send an invite that flat-out says “Adults Only Please”. Instead, the Bride and Groom will leave it up to (pretty clear) interpretation by the wording on the envelope. If the invitation is addressed to "The Doe Family" on the outside, or if the names of you and your children are listed individually on the inner envelope, you are free to roll with an entourage. If not, hire a babysitter and leave the little ones at home; let’s be honest, you love them, but you wanted a nice night out without them anyway ;)

  • DO make dietary restrictions known early! It is not uncommon, especially in this day and age, for people to have specific dietary needs/avoidance. Sometimes an RSVP card, in addition to listing meal options, will include a space for you to write in any allergies or food restrictions you might have. If the one you received doesn't, don’t fret! Just simply contact the Bride or Groom, and remind them of your severe nut allergy or gluten intolerance. With enough notice, it’s not a big deal for a caterer to arrange an alternative for you. So, what is a big deal? Demanding on the day of that your Alfredo be prepared sans cream and cheese. 

  • DO respect the Bridal suite and the Groom’s room. The room where the Bride (and Groom) gets ready before the ceremony is often off-limits. Most of the time, there is a sign on the door requesting privacy or an usher nearby to keep the area clear, but even if there isn't, resist the urge to pop in for a quick hello. The newlyweds will be busy prepping for their aisle debut, and this is a moment that they will remember for a lifetime; don’t disturb it. Plus, you'll have their full attention after the ceremony to offer your congratulations.

  • DO arrive on time, and by on time, we mean EARLY. Making an entrance after the Bride is unacceptable behavior, so plan to be on the premises at least 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. We do, however, understand that sometimes life just gets in the way of your plans - heavy traffic, late babysitter, wardrobe malfunction (they do happen!) - and if that is the case, wait until the “I dos” are finished and the guests have left their seats to join the celebration.

    • DON’T ever interrupt a ceremony! This one is self-explanatory, I’d say.

    • DO NOT (this one is SO important that I had to separate the words) play paparazzi!!! Especially during the ceremony!! Just as your phone can be a major distraction to you throughout the day, it’s going to be doubly so for a Bride and Groom at their ceremony. The couple wants to look out and see your smiling faces—not the back of your phone or, even worse, your iPad—beaming back at them. Plus, they spend LOTS of money on a photographer (or three) to capture their candid, lovey-dovey, last-a-lifetime moments! Those moments DO NOT include your black and gold glittery phone case and cracked screens, I promise. Unless otherwise instructed, keep phones and all cameras out of sight until the reception.

  • DO look the part! This is a celebration and it is important to treat it like one, which not only includes your behavior, but your appearance too. Most often, guests know where the wedding ceremony and reception are taking place (which means that they can gauge the proper dress code): beach wedding? Flowy floral dress and strappy sandals. Catholic church ceremony? Modest, formal dresses with a low heel. If you don’t happen to know, just simply ask.

    • DON’T (for the ladies) wear white!! Even if the Bride chooses to wear ivory or champagne or a HOT PINK (yes, I’ve seen it) wedding dress, you are still NOT supposed to wear white to a wedding. Just respect the rule.

  • DO be a team player. Is there a coat check at the reception? Use it. Is everyone expected to join in on the first dance? Boogie on up (even if you really, really don’t want to). In accepting the couple's invitation, you're implying that you're down with whatever they throw your way. They've no doubt been dreaming of this day for a long time - your happiness and accommodating attitude will help make it just as wonderful as they imagined.

  • DO DO DO (again, this is an important one) drink responsibly!! Here's a friendly PSA: Drinking to ridiculous excess isn't just unbecoming, annoying, and distasteful, it's dangerous, especially if you haven't lined up a ride home beforehand. When the bride and groom provide an open bar, they're providing a courtesy. A great way to show gratitude: Pace yourself so you can continue to toast the happy couple well into the wee hours of the morn.

So there you have it, a list of DOs and DON’Ts as a wedding guest. Really, all you have to be is respectful, while enjoying the accommodations paid for by the Bride and Groom, to celebrate their beginning of forever. Now, put on your dancing shoes and bust a move! We’ll see you next time on Thoughts & Musings!

Love Story: Christian Jewkes & Brittney Robb

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings, and our next edition of our Love Story series! Today’s love story takes “love at first sight” to a whole new level with Christian and Brittney! Take a look for yourself:

“I guess starting from the beginning would make the most sense. Let’s take things back to 2013, I was attending a Vemma Focus convention, the Network Marketing company I was in at the time, and that’s where I first saw the man that I will soon call my husband this year! From the moment Christian walked across that stage, I just knew that my life was never going to be the same as it was before. Believe it or not, I turned to a good friend of mine who was sitting next to me and I said, with NO hesitation whatsoever, “That’s my future husband.” I had no idea who he was nor where he was from, but I can still feel the chills my whole body experienced when I laid my eyes on him.

Despite seeing him at the conference, we never actually met. That didn’t change my mind, though; I knew, deep down, that he was the man God designed for me. Over a year or so, I followed Christian’s journey through social media platforms (what a time to be alive). I never actually made a move until he posted a picture of a burrito one day from Chipotle; at the time, Chipotle was experiencing an eColi outbreak, so I commented saying, “Don’t get sick.” And it was that slick move of mine that marked the beginning of Brittney protecting Christian, and Christian realizing that maybe he wanted to save me, too.

I was living in Canada at the time, and Christian in North Carolina, so we FaceTimed for months. We were able to conquer all the challenges that long distance, time difference, and entrepreneurship pose to a young couple. We finally met in person for the first time at (another) business convention in Orlando, Florida in 2015. The moment I saw Christian again in person, I immediately started bawling. I had never known a love like this, and the thought of not being with him forever was devastating to me. It may seem extreme, but there was no way I was leaving without knowing when I’d see him again. I flew home the next day, ran up to my Dad and said, “You have to meet my future husband.” He told her to fly him in the next day (he’s the best!). Christian had no idea how persistent I was until he looked at his email and saw a ticket to Arizona, where my Dad lived. Needless to say, my Dad approved, and the rest is history!

Three years into a bond and relationship that has never been questioned, we are living together and fulfilling what we believe to be our purpose is - serving and leading others in a global movement. From long distance, to living in an apartment together located in Scottsdale, Arizona, there was no doubt that Christian was going to pop the question… eventually!

Christian asked for my Father’s blessing and shared with my family how he was going to propose, which left them all in tears! First, we flew to North Carolina to visit Christian’s family, then down to Miami, Florida. When we landed in Miami, we got settled into our hotel, then ventured on to a cute urban restaurant on South Beach. I remember ordering the strawberry Kale salad (which is such an insignificant detail). We went on a stroll on the white sand after lunch. We splashed in the water, laughed a lot, danced in the sand, and when I turned around, Christian was down on one knee! I, of course, said yes!!!

Right after that, we hopped in a helicopter that was waiting to take us on a tour of Miami. Everything was so perfect, I had to make sure I wasn’t actually dreaming!! I couldn’t help myself from smiling, and staring at my fiance and then my ring, back to my fiance, and thinking just how wonderful God is!”

- Brittney Robb

Love Story: Jamie Chirio & Katie Kizer

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings! In today’s episode of “Love Story”, we have Jamie Chirio & Katie Kizer’s story, from Katie’s perspective. If this story doesn’t make you believe in love, I’m not sure what will… Enjoy!

---How We Met ---

Jamie is the most incredible man I have ever known. We met at the end of 2016, when I joined an amazing travel and adventure club that Jamie and his friends were the co-founders of. The company emphasized a culture of living a life that was worth talking about. I was encouraged to identify what my dream life looked like, and I was encouraged to take actions that would allow me to live it, now.

Over the course of 2017, I got connected with young entrepreneurs and passionate people all across the country. We had backyard BBQs and recreational tournaments. We attended conferences and learned both business principles and principles for living a good life. We traveled to Michigan and released our limiting beliefs, we traveled to Lake Powell and stayed on a houseboat for four days with 75 of our friends, we traveled to Santa Cruz to participate in an adventure race, and we threw a huge New Year’s Eve bash in Chicago. The individuals who were a part of this organization were and are loving, focused on serving others, and completely fired up about becoming their best in every way.

Over the course of that year, Jamie and I became friends. I was completely in awe of the character in which he approached others with. He exuded a humble confidence and he extended the most genuine love toward his friends, others in the organization, and to people in the community he had no connections with. Little did I know, Jamie was also in awe of who I was and what I was doing back home. Jamie lived in Michigan. I lived in Oregon. We saw each other a small handful of times that year, and we video chatted a few more than that. Each time, our conversations were easy, deep, and focused on love and growth.

---When We Started Dating---

At the end of the year, we both attended an event in Chicago to celebrate the New Year. That night, I had some amazing revelations about my personal journey and who I had become over the course of the last year and a half. In that state, a couple hours after the ball had dropped in the start of 2018, Jamie and I met each other on the dance floor. We were drawn to one another in a profound way. We danced the night away and went back to the house our friends were staying at early in the morning. Jamie made garlic chips out of tortillas with hummus. He brought it out, came and sat next to me, and put his arm around my shoulders. It was at that point I knew our connection on the dance floor was deeper than the hype of the New Year’s celebration.

Jamie and I spent the wee hours of the first day of the year cuddling, talking about our childhoods, and understanding one another in a way no one ever had. Jamie dropped me off at the airport later that day. As I landed in Oregon, I received a sweet text message about how much he enjoyed our time together that morning. My heart melted and I haven’t been able to wipe the giddy smile off of my face since then.

On January 1, 2018, our love story began. From day one, Jamie and I talked on video calls for HOURS each night, sharing the stories of our days and the thoughts and emotions coming up in those moments, exploring the underlying beliefs that were playing into our responses, asking each other questions that helped us grow, grow closer, and grow closer with God, laughing, crying, loving the whole way through. We knew right away that we were 100% in, committed, ready, and willing to embark on the most beautiful of partnerships together. Not even two weeks had gone by when I gazed into his eyes on a video call and told him that I was in love with him. We were feeling the same things for each other.

Over the course of the year, we spent the year traveling to visit one another in Oregon and in Michigan, as well as a few other places. We made a point to see each other every single month! Our relationship flourished, even when we were 2,000 miles apart. The love we share and the relationship that we have created together is even more beautiful than the way I first dreamed it could be when I wrote down what living a life worth talking about meant to me at the end of 2016. We get to travel. We get to share incredible moments with incredible people all over the world. We get to grow together. And we have a deep and meaningful connection and love.

---How He Proposed---

I flew to Michigan for the holidays to be with Jamie and his family. It was wonderful to be able to meet everyone and to spend quality time together. A few days after Christmas, we took a trip up north with fifteen of our friends. Jamie rented this incredible Air B and B right on the lake. It is much colder in Michigan than in Oregon, so the lake was actually frozen solid! The views were absolutely breathtaking!

We spent December 30th and 31st on the "mountain" (it is actually a hill with snow on it compared to west coast skiing mountains). I was snowboarding, and so in my element! Jamie was skiing and having a blast too! On our last run before we were going to head back to the car, we decided to split off and go down two parallel runs and meet at the bottom. I got to the bottom and looked up the hill for Jamie. I didn't see him, but I heard someone yelling for help. Our friends were in better view of the hill and were also looking up with concern. I ran toward our friends to find out what they were looking at, in fear that it might be Jamie hollering. As I approached our friends, it became clear that it was in fact him, and that he was not in fact, okay. I threw my snowboard down and began running up the ski hill as fast as I could. (THANK GOODNESS I TEACH CARDIO DANCE TWICE A WEEK!)

When I got to where he was, ski patrol had just arrived. I guess he over-carved and had his skis pointed up the hill. As he tried to turn back over at a super slow pace, his right ski got stuck in the snow, but his body kept twisting and trying to go down the hill. Unfortunately, this twisted his knee something fierce. He was wincing and in near tears. It was so hard to see him in pain. Ski patrol had to give him a ride down in the sled. We ended up at the med station, and most of the friend group did too.

By that time it started snowing, like blizzard snowing. We had to figure out whose gear was in whose car. We had to make sure all of it got back to where it needed to be, rentals vs. the house we were staying at. We also had to arrange for one of our Michigan friends to drive us, in the snow, to the hospital so Jamie could go to the emergency room. Turns out the hospital was an HOUR away. The weather continued to pour wet cold stuff down the entire time. We got 8+ inches in three hours. The roads weren't ideal, but fortunately our friend was a pro. Despite his safe driving, we were still rear ended at a stop sign on the way to the hospital. Nothing terrible, but it definitely added to the intensity of the evening.

When we got to the emergency room, we found out he did not have any broken bones, but would need to get an MRI. They fixed him up with a brace that immobilizes his knee and some crutches. We found out that he would likely need surgery. That night, when we finally got back to the Air B and B, everything that had happened set in. We laid in bed and cuddled, feeling completely overwhelmed, but so grateful it was nothing worse. Recognizing that this was going to keep Jamie off of his feet, off of the road, and needing a great deal of assistance, there was a lot of concern in his heart about how he was going to manage on his own; I was supposed to fly home on the 4th. As we laid there, I reveled in the deep love I have for this man and the strong desire to ease any discomfort he was feeling, and I was struck with a brilliant idea that literally had me shoot up into a seated position in bed.

I was going to stay in Michigan. I wasn't going to leave my sweetie. There is no place else I would rather be, than together. And together needed to be right here, right now.

At the very moment in which I shared this with Jamie, a single tear rolled out of his eye and down his cheek. "You love me that much?"

"Yes, I do." I have, since day one, been this in love with this man. His strong connection and his willingness to be present in my life in every way, despite thousands of miles of physical separation, has made me feel so safe, so loved, and so in love. Although this knee injury is a major bummer, I am completely humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to demonstrate my love for this man, and to care for him in a more intimate way as his knee heals.

We had been praying about where we should live in 2019. All we knew was that we wanted to be together. Oregon? Michigan? Washington? Together. It was almost as if this was God's way of bringing us together, so we were not forced to make the decision ourselves. There was a sense of calmness and peace that night as Jamie drifted off to sleep.

I was wide awake, wrapping my brain around the changes that were about to take place in my life. The moonlight illuminated the frozen lake outside our bedroom window. The 8+ inches of fresh snow sparkled in every direction. I opened the curtains and gazed at the beauty surrounding me. I talked to God, and He talked to me. Today was a big day. And I knew that tomorrow, January 1st, 2019 was going to be a big day, too.

The next morning, we woke up seeing a glorious, orange-tipped sunrise on the snowy lake. Snow hung on the evergreen trees and the clouds gently moved with a crisp breeze. We propped Jamie's leg up on the love seat and iced his knee. We looked out the window with some of our friends. I sipped on some coffee and wrote in my journal. More of our friends woke up as the morning rolled in. We made breakfast and played board games. We showered and got cute for the day since we planned to take some pictures in the snow later that afternoon.

Jamie and I are connected in a way that we can feel what the other person is feeling in a profound kind of way. Even when I am in Oregon and he is in Michigan, our moods, thoughts, and experiences are quite tuned to the same frequency. So, on that day, in the same room with the love of my life, I could just FEEL that something big was coming. Jamie and I locked eyes from across the house with each other and the love we share was felt so strongly. We got the squad all organized and went out on the deck for family pictures. Again, the setting was gorgeous! After a few group photos, it was time to do a few couples photos. Since Jamie was on crutches, in the snow, they let us go first. I knew it wasn't really about the pictures, though.

As we walked deeper onto the deck in the fresh snow, wearing our cute winter outfits, feeling all the love for one another, understanding the decision and commitment we made to one another the night before, Jamie looked into my eyes and told me I was his best friend, he wanted to share our lives together, and he asked me if I would marry him, using my first and last name. I responded with a calm and genuine yes I would, using his first and last name, as well. Our photographer friends got the entire thing on camera. The shots are incredible. After the proposal I went around and got to hug each and every other friend who was there with us in that moment. And it dawned on me that being up in the snow, in a cozy cabin, surrounded by an abundance of friends, knowing how loved and beautiful we are, being intensely and divinely connected with an incredible man, was my dream, and I was and am living it. Tears of gratitude and wonder gushed out of my eyes. It was absolutely perfect.

---What’s Next For Us---

Since then, Jamie and I have been back at his place in Michigan, navigating the journey to knee recovery. We recently attended his sixth doctor's appointment since the injury. It turns out he has five different things going on from the accident. A couple sprains of ligaments, a couple bone fractures within the knee joint, some bruising, and a torn meniscus. Fortunately, most of these will heal on their own. Unfortunately, the meniscus is not one of them. The doctor thinks he will need surgery, but would like the other problems to improve before he goes in. We were given some exercises Jamie can do to strengthen his leg muscles surrounding his knee in the meantime. He has another appointment in one week where he will receive a new brace that allows a tiny bit of a bend to take place. We will reassess the surgery situation at that point. The doctor will know which of the two types of surgery it may require - the one with a 4-6 month recovery OR the one with a 4-6 week recovery.

It has been such a blessing to be gifted extra time together that we didn’t know we were going to have! Our plans, at this moment, are to be in Michigan during this knee recovery time. As soon as Jamie's knee allows, we will be headed back to Oregon!

Until then, we are continuing to grow in our understanding of one another, our connection, and in our love for one another. We feel so grateful and we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives! We will be getting married in Oregon this July!!

I feel so blessed that we get to walk together, with God, today, and for the rest of our lives.

Love and blessings to you all!

Cheers from the future Mrs. Chirio,

Katie Kizer

Love Story: Alex Lombard & Hayley Wakefield

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings!!

We hope everyone had a very Merry and bright holiday with their families! We love the holidays for obvious reasons, but also because it means ENGAGEMENTS! Yay!

In the spirit of the holidays (and all of the brides-to-be), we decided that for the next 5 blog posts will be a series called “Love Story: (Bride & Groom Name)”. You will have the opportunity to read the love story of the couple, from the bride-to-be herself!

The first couple to be featured in this series is Alex Lombard and Hayley Wakefield. Decide for yourself, but they are a true love story in our opinion:

Alex and I met in high school and were both dating other people. We actually had mutual friends and didn’t get along with one another. As years passed and we were forced to hang around each other due to our friends, we started to grow on each other. We slowly started becoming closer friends and both went through many life changing events that shaped us for the better. We both had ended our relationships and were almost like each other’s support system for the tough times we were going through. Everyone could see how we felt about each other but we were both in denial. We both started our own businesses and journeys to become entrepreneurs when I was 19 and Alex was 21. We ended up getting the chance to live and do business in Mexico for a few months which brought us even closer. We lived in a small condo together with 2 other people and this is when we really became best friends. We started to realize how we felt about each other and how much we had in common. When we moved back from Mexico we ended up moving in together with a roommate. About a month or two into our new place we started dating. Our families were NOT surprised (no one was). 

Fast forward about 2.5 years later, we took a huge leap of faith and moved across country from Michigan to Scottsdale Arizona. A few months into living there Alex surprised me with a trip to Sedona, Arizona. When we were there he said he had another “little” surprise that ended up being a helicopter ride over the mountains in Sedona. Once the ride was over we got off and had the guide take our photo in front of the helicopter. What I thought was a photo was actually a video, Alex then got down on one knee, told me I was his best friend and asked me to marry him. This was by far the best day of my life. Alex and I get married in September of 2019 and couldn’t be more thrilled. We know we have something extremely special and we thank God for that every day. 

Once we got engaged we both knew we would want Laurie to help us plan. Laurie has been in our lives since we started as entrepreneurs and has been an amazing friend ever since. Laurie has made the entire wedding planning experience so much fun and so stress free. She goes so above and beyond in every area. She is extremely detailed and makes the whole process so easy and feel organized. We would not be able to do this without her and would recommend her to ANYONE planning any type of event or wedding. She’s a PRO at what she does. We absolutely love who she is and how hard she works to make us and everyone around her happy. 

-Hayley Wakefield