Sleigh Bells or Wedding Bells?

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Not only are we surrounded by (or should be at this time) sparkling snowfalls, gingerbread cookies, twinkling lights, laughter, and hot cocoa, but it is also winter wedding/engagement season! You can probably imagine how exciting that is for people like us - event planners who LOVE all things weddings!

Staying congruent with the time of year, today’s topic will be covering winter wonderland wedding colors, and how best to coordinate palettes to capture your wishes and spirit of the holiday season! We will discuss that in two ways:

D A R I N G & D R A M A T I C

N A T U R A L & P U R E

Consider the vision for your wedding day - are you looking for extreme elegance or is the great outdoors more your style? Do you prefer modern or rustic? How about dark or light?

If your answers to these questions were elegance, modern, and dark, then the daring & dramatic palette would be perfect for your day. The colors include a pale pink, a deep purple (eggplant), a slate grey, and a dark blue (ink).

If your answers to these questions were outdoorsy, rustic, and light, then the natural & pure palette will capture your heart! The colors include a heavy green (emerald), a gold, a peacock-feather blue, and a tropical green (think Maui mountains).

Although both color combinations are slightly unorthodox in comparison to a traditional wedding, they make for beautiful arrangements and embellishments in the winter time! Just imagine how gorgeous the photos could be with dark blue (ink) bridesmaid’s dresses among the snowfall and your white gown, and the groomsmen in a slate grey tuxedo! How about the elegance that a deep purple (eggplant) velvet tablecloth and a pale pink napkin could add to your venue?

If that isn’t what you pictured, think about the centerpieces you could make with the peacock-feather blue and Maui mountain tropical green colors, and how amazing they would look among a gold charger, gold-rimmed champagne flutes, and gold-plated flatware! And you cannot forget about how sharp the ladies and gents in the wedding party would look in the heavy green (emerald)! Talk about sophisticated AND fun!

**BONUS: Still missing a little something? Spice either of these colors palettes with a cranberry red for a flare of flavor!

I believe that honesty is the best policy, so I have to admit that I, personally, never wanted a winter wedding because I, personally, am not a huge fan of the cold. However! After sharing with you these ideas, I may just need to change my mind when my time comes because WOW! How beautiful and DIFFERENT would this be ;)

See you next time on Thoughts & Musings, and until then, Happy Holidays!