Girl, Rock Your Body!

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings!

I always look forward to the Wednesday’s when a new post is published! Today’s topic is all about the step before the best part of the wedding planning process… identifying your body shape so that you can find THE DRESS!

Finding the perfect dress for your unforgettable day can make a bride feel pressured. How will I know it’s the PERFECT one?! What if there is another one that I am missing out on if I choose this one?! There are so many different styles, how do I choose?! Everybody is going to be looking at ME when I take my first step down that aisle, and I just really want to have THE dress that will make their jaws drop…

These are all thoughts and stresses that every bride we’ve ever worked with have expressed at least once, and they are all justified. Some of our planners were once a brand new bride, too, and have walked those same shoes (and potentially the same aisle, to a different man of course) as you. So, Your Perfectly Planned Occasion comes to you with a basic guide to different body types to help you sort through the wedding dress styles and calm those racing thoughts in your pretty little head :)

(Note: these shapes are generalized. You may fall into more than one of these descriptions, much like one boob is bigger than the other for most women, and if so, we encourage that you try on different dresses that accentuate those shapes. Then, purchase the dress that looks and FEELS the best on you!)

  • The straight body shape (rectangle): when your body measurements are the same, or very close to it, in all areas of your body. This body type is sometimes referred to as “the supermodel body”, and is the type of body that does not have a well-defined waistline.

  • Pear body shape (triangle): when you have large hips and a smaller bust, you are likely a pear body shape. This is a very easily defined shape, especially when you picture a body being a triangle - wider in the hip region and smaller in the bust region. Rock those curves, girl!

  • Apple body shape: when you have a bigger bust than hip section, your waist isn’t super well-defined, slim legs, round shoulders and petite arms. It may be easier to identify if you think of a body being an inverted triangle - wider up top and slimmer down bottom.

  • Hourglass body shape: when your booty and bust are naturally round and proportionate to the rest of your body, with a slim waist. Think Jennifer Lopez!

  • Oval body shape: when your bust is the largest part of your body, a fuller midsection, and narrow hips, you likely have an oval shaped body. Because your waist is not very well-defined, it is the widest part of your body. The narrow hips calls for a smaller butt and slimmer legs! Show them off!

  • “Skinny” body shape: when you have small bone structure and your pelvis and shoulders are in perfect alignment. Many ladies with skinny body types have slender arms and legs and a well-defined jaw line.

  • Athletic body shape: when you have a more muscular body structure, your shoulders are a bit broader and built, and your arms are slim and toned. It is likely that women with the athletic build have an elongated neck, well-toned curves, and thicker/more muscular thighs.

One body shape is no better than the next, and don’t feel confined to one particular shape! Often times ladies who know what body shape they fall under, and the characteristics they possess that might be part of another category, are much more confident and take pride in flaunting the assets that they have. However, body shapes are important… not because it is up to anyone else to decide how you should look and feel in your own skin, but so that YOU can look and feel like the FABULOUS woman you are! And so that you can confidently say “yes!” to the dress!

Keep on the lookout for the next Thoughts & Musings post where we will be discussing THE BEST part of wedding planning… Until then, ROCK ON!