Ball Gown, Mermaid, A-Line, Oh My!

Welcome back to Thoughts & Musings!!

In last week’s blog post, we covered how to determine which body type you are and how to rock it confidently, curves and skin and bones and all! This week’s topic: saying “YES” to THE DRESS!

Other than the wedding day itself, this may be the day ladies look forward to the most. They’ve dreamt of THE dress; you know, the one that fits in a way that is tasteful, yet tight enough to show off all the right things… if you know what I mean ;)

But with so many choices and styles, how could you ever pick JUST one?! Well hopefully, after reading this post (along with last week’s, as they go hand-in-hand), you will know which is the one for you.

  • The Ballgown: Ooh la la, Cinderella! This dress is the one you see from fairy tales. It is fitted from the bust to the top of the waist, and then expands out into a very full, distinguished skirt. This dress is perfect for those with a pear-shape/athletic body build, as it defines the waist, slims the hips, and enhances your curves!

  • The Mermaid: Helloooo, Ariel! This dress is tight (and I mean tight, tight) from the bust, to the waist, around the hips, to just below the knee, where it then flares out. This is stunning on those blessed with an hourglass figure because, well, it’s all about the curves!

  • The A-Line: A fan favorite! This dress has a narrow cut at the top, sometimes elongated in between the breasts, and extends out into what looks like the shape of an “A” (duh). A perfect dress for nearly everyone, no matter the body type/shape, due to the loose fitting skirt and the bust-enhancing characteristics!

  • The Sheath: Also known as the column dress. This dress is form-fitting, however, not tight, and follows the natural curve of your body. Those with slender figures with legs for days rock this dress the best!

  • The Trumpet: Similar to the mermaid, this dress is made up of a straight-lined skirt and flares subtly around the knee into (you’ve guessed it) a trumpet shape. Much like the mermaid, those with an hourglass figure accentuate this dress wonderfully. Deciding between this dress and the mermaid dress really comes down to individual preferences, as the trumpet dress has a bit more room for you to move in.

  • The Dropped Waist: True to its name, this dress drops just below the waistline and hip area before it flares out. Brides with a bigger bust and wider torso region look fabulous in this style dress!

  • The Empire: Leave people talking about you for ages with this gown! This dress is known for its fitted bodice and waistline, as well as the loosely fitted skirt that moves with every step you take! For those brides who are petite, both in length and width, this dress is for you.

There you have it… the most common dress styles, anyway. This is YOUR day, and it should be about YOU, so I encourage you to indulge as much as you possibly can. Don’t get too worked up, but don’t settle either. Try on every dress in the store. Go to a different store, if that’s what it takes! Eat the chocolate and drink the champagne they give you (trust me, those few calories are worth the experience). Laugh with your bridesmaids. And make a decision not off of what others say, but off of how you FEEL in the dress. Everyone knows that happy girls are the prettiest girls, regardless of what they are wearing!

Be happy, through the whole process. You only plan to do this once ;)