The Great Outdoors

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With the weather (finally) breaking here in the Midwest, there is so much more buzz outside… which includes wedding ceremonies and receptions! Outdoor weddings in the summer are hands-down some of the best. It’s hard to beat the warm rays, nice breeze, refreshing cocktails, and romantic sunset backdrops.

However, if you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding of your own, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you go walking down that aisle to start your forever. Keep reading for 9 key things to consider when celebrating outside:

  1. HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN! Obviously you don’t necessarily want an indoor wedding (or else you wouldn’t have planned an outdoor one), but Mother Nature calls the shots around here. It’s best to come up with a backup plan, just in case. Having a solution for inclement weather will save you a lot of wedding day stress.

  2. AVOID STARTING THE CEREMONY TOO EARLY! This can be tough due to the excitement of kissing your now-husband, but you’ll thank us later for this one. Avoid having your ceremony during the hottest part of the day so that you and your guests don’t melt.

  3. ONE WORD: SUNSCREEN! Even if you do take our advice and push your festivities back a couple hours towards dusk, sunscreen is still a must! Make sure to stash some mini bottles of sunscreen in the bag that your future-mother-in-law is responsible for so that it is on site for you, and/or your guests, to use. They could even be your wedding favors!

  4. COVER THE CHAIRS! Have you ever sat in a chair without a cushion that’s been sitting out in the sun for hours? Okay then, you know it’s not a very pleasant feeling. Save your guests from potentially burning the back of their legs on hot chairs by putting simple chair covers on them. You’ll be doing your guests a huge favor providing chair covers, cushions or basically anything else that will prevent the scorching hot chair from coming into contact with their skin.

  5. WHO WORE IT BEST? Both you and your maids are going to sweat like crazy at your summer wedding, assuming Mother Nature is in a good mood that day. It’s inevitable. You will be miserable if you choose dresses for yourself and your bridal party that are made of thick, heavier fabric. It’s summer, so opt for lightweight fabrics and shorter styles. No one, including yourself, wants to look (or feel) like a hot mess the entire day.

  6. PICK APPROPRIATE SUMMER WEDDING FOOD! Be very wary of the foods choices you provide your guests with at your summer wedding. Many dishes will either melt or spoil in hot warm temperatures. It’s best to avoid items like cheese, dairy, spreads, and anything else that must be served cold; unless of course, you can leave it inside. If possible, consider having the dinner take place in an indoor setting, or at least have the food set up inside somewhere!

  7. DON’T SET THE CAKE UP FOR FAILURE! Fondant has a time and a place, and it’s certainly at summer weddings. If you’re planning on having your wedding on a hot summer day, we highly advise against getting your wedding cake made with regular icing. Your beautiful dream cake won’t look too dreamy as it melts all over the table. Fondant will hold up in the heat, unlike other creamier frostings, saving yourself a gigantic, sticky mess.

  8. HYDRATION STATION! Weddings are a wonderful place for cocktails, sure! But when out in the hot sun all day with nothing flowing through the veins but alcohol, it is the recipe for disaster (…okay fine, that’s a little extreme. We meant dehydration). Have easy accessibility to ice water, or place watermelon wedges around the bar area for guests to grab, as they please. You don’t want anyone passing out from the heat or dehydration.

  9. SHOO, FLY! If you’re getting married outdoors in the heat of summer, bug spray is a definite must. NOTHING is worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, and honestly, I would leave a reception early solely for that reason! The last thing you want is for people to bail out on your special day early because they’re having a horribly, itchy time. Place a few bottles of bug spray in the bathrooms and around common areas at your wedding venue. If you don’t want the unpleasant smell of bug spray in the air, try lighting bug-repelling candles on the tables!

Keep the outdoors great for your wedding with these hacks! After all, it is your big day and it should be PERFECT!

See you next time on Thoughts & Musings!